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We love working with athletes to amplify their performance!  Here are some testimonials from our clients.

Individual athletes
Hey Brian,

Just wanted to let you know that two weeks ago I competed in the fencing Summer Nationals. I competed in two events, Div 1A and Div 1. I won the Div 1A event which is half a step below the top level of Div 1 making me the Div 1A National Champion and took 22nd in Div 1 which will move me into the top 60 on the national points list.


Thanks for all the help and work we did together it really helped me a lot during the day and through all the training I did leading up to it.
Sam Larsen
“Sport Psychology Institute Northwest has been a huge resource to our student- athletes at Oregon Episcopal School, Jimmy Yoo has been working with our students athletes around the topic of student athlete leadership for the past two years.  We have enjoyed the energy and commitment Jimmy brings to our class and his passion for teaching and motivating student-athletes.”
Missy Smith, Assistant Athletic Director, Head PE Coach

Natalie is doing well over all and played a good game Friday! Scored 1 and had 2 assists and they won 4-0. Her coach really wants her to take more shots herself…:)

Thanks for all you do for Natalie!!! You make a huge difference in her life 🙂  – HE – Parent of College Soccer Player


Hi Brian,

I’ve got bragging rights to share!  J  Sam’s soccer team *won* the Gold Division Challenge State Cup tournament!


Her team played the team that cut her two years ago.   They were pretty evenly matched with a lot of back and forth – both teams having some good opportunities that just didn’t go in.  Sarah had a gorgeous shot that just missed.  Into stoppage time the other team was up by 1.  A teammate passed it up to Sarah who flicked it to a forward.  The forward was able to get the ball through the other team’s defender’s legs and she SCORED!!!  Tying the game.  They kicked off and the whistle blew!  They scored with about 30 seconds left in the game.  Talk about close!

They then played two 15 minute overtimes with the score remaining 1-1.  Then it was PKs. Sarah stepped up and drilled her PK, winning the game!  It was soooooo nice to see her score on her old team.  What a nail biter!

Sam played the entire game both games.  After the win on Saturday, her smile was worth everything!  She was soooo happy!  Thank you so much!
NW – Parent of a High School Soccer Player


“I know Lewis has found his work with you to be invaluable and we have found that it helps with life off the field too and helping grow to be confident, kind, positive on and off the field.”  KY – Parent of a Youth Soccer Player


“Jay had two games this weekend. He spent a quite a bit of time before each of the games by himself (and his ipod). He did great; there were quite a few calls in today’s game that went against him; both Jeff and I were holding our breath. He took a big breath and kept going. No red face or tears! That is such a HUGE accomplishment! Most importantly, he’s so proud of himself. I’m sure there will be more challenging situations, but it’s so nice for him to see that he can do it!
Thanks for your time with him so far,   S & J – Parent of a Youth Basketball Player

“Teresa got second and, best of all a PR, at the state meet. Can’t thank you enough for the sessions with her, they helped her accomplish big things this year!”  – JC – Parent of a High School Track Athlete

We also work with Organizations to help them reach their goals

Brian Baxter’s seven year impact on the Tualatin Hills United Soccer Club has created a well rounded sports experience for all our student athletes! The Sport Psychology piece of our program compliments the technical, tactical and physical components of our club.  Brian works individually and collectively with our players and teams to specifically address age appropriate needs.

Tom Atencio, Director of Coaching and Player Development
Tualatin Hills United Soccer Club Portland, Oregon USA

Praise for Brian’s sport psychology workbook, The Sports Mindset Gameplan

“Your Sports Mindset Pyramid is a thing of beauty!

It spells out the path to confidence really well, and makes this mental game stuff tangible.”
TK – MLB Baseball Player


We are through the first 4 sections of the book and kids are taking it seriously.  They have even used some of the terminology in our practices and games.  We are the leading the state (5A) in scoring per game and are looking to even our record on Friday.  Much improved over last year.”

– SN, High School Basketball Coach


“I am a licensed mental health counselor and a youth and high school soccer coach. Over the years I have incorporated psychological techniques into my coaching sessions to help my players develop positive self-esteem and mental toughness. For the last 2 years The Sports Mindset Gameplan has been my primary method of helping my young athletes accomplish growth and success in sport and in life. The content and concepts of this book are relevant to athletes in any sport and easily understood by my pre-teen aged kids. I highly recommend The Sports Mindset Gameplan for athletes wanting to improve their mental performance and coaches who want to help their athletes get to the next level!” – DP, counselor and coach