Teams and Groups

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How we work with teams and groups of athletes

As well as working with athletes to implement sport psychology techniques into their games, we teach the same sport psychology techniques to teams and groups.  When working with teams or groups of athletes, Sport Psychology Institute Northwest consultants use the same sport psychology techniques as they do with individual athletes (how to focus thoughts, how to control emotions, how to maintain a positive mindset, how to visualize success, how to let go of mistakes, how to perform under pressure).

We work very closely with the coach to determine the sport psychology topics that will best help the team with their confidence, motivation, and overall mental game.

Teaching these techniques to a group helps get the message to the whole team or group. In addition to those sport psychology techniques, team sessions include:

  • Team building and how to improve team unity
  • Team motivation techniques, such as mission statements
  • Building and maintaining a team culture
  • Communication
  • Leadership

Team workshops are engaging and upbeat and we require team members to be active in the session.  Powerpoint presentation, worksheets, and team activities are all used.

Between 4-6 team sessions are recommended for maximum benefit.

Sample of Sports Teams:

Trojan Baseball mental toughness training
Wilson High School baseball
Since 2006, SPINw has provided:
– 4 one-hour workshops each year.  1 with coaches present, 3 with athletes only.
– On-field observation

United Soccer Club - Performance Psychologists and Mental Toughness Training
Tualatin Hills United Soccer Club
– 8 year program has included
– 45-minute sessions with each team (average 2-4 per season), monthly coaches meeting presentations, yearly parent education seminar, 20% discount to members for individual sport psychology services

UP logo purple
University of Portland Pilots Athletics

Brian works with teams and athletes on an as-needed basis for Pilots athletics.

Portland Timbers Sports Performance Psychology     Thorns logo
Portland Timbers and Thorns Youth Regional Training Centers and summer camps
– Present to between 40 – 80 youth soccer players twice per year on mental toughness and performance under pressure
– Present to elite high school players as summer camp add-on

Windells Academy peak performance coaching
Windell’s Academy
– 6 sessions with snowboarding, skateboarding and skiing teams, 12 hours on-mountain observation, individual athlete sessions as need, communicate closely with coaches and provide coaching education workshops

Oregon City Swim Team sports psychology

Oregon City Swim Team
– 4 one-hour workshops for group of 60+ swimmers

Baxter Sports performance consulting

BaxterSports Soccer and Sports Camps
– Introduce sport psychology techniques to young athletes in summer camp setting

Vancouver Tennis Center
– 4 one-hour workshops for group of 12 youth tennis players


Skating Club of Oregon performance consultant
Skating Club of Oregon
– 3-part 1-day workshop:  1 consultant presents to athletes, 1 consultant provides coaches workshop, 1 consultant provides parent education seminar.