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The performance of athletes on the field or court is often a reflection of the coach. Sport Psychology Institute Northwest offers classes, workshops, and individual consulting with coaches. Most of our consultants are not only experienced in the field of sport psychology, but have coaching backgrounds as well. That combination of experience gives us a well-rounded perspective to help coaches improve their own performance, as well as that of their athletes and teams.

Because the guys at the top need someone to talk with, too!  One of the joys of coaching is being the man or woman in charge. One of the drawbacks is: who do you bounce ideas off of?  Who do you go to when you are struggling?  Our consultants have coaching experience and meet with coaches on an individual basis, just like we do with athletes.

  • Develop Missions and Goal Setting
  • Help with your “Process”
  • Provide Accountability
  • Relaxation and Visualization Techniques

We also conduct workshops for groups of coaches (ie – all the coaches at a high school or college athletic department;  all the coaches in a youth sports club)

What topics do we cover with coaches?

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Motivation Techniques
  • Team Goal Setting
  • Creating a team culture
  • Communication
-Help your players focus

Here are some of the workshops we have run in the past:

Leadership Development
This workshop is based on Brian’s sport psychology master’s thesis project “Teaching Leadership to Youth Soccer Players.”  Many think that leaders are born and not made, but the research and evidence does not support this.  Effective coaches not only continually grow and improve on their own leadership ability, but they also can encourage and teach their players to lead.  Topics include:

  • Leadership exercises
  • Insights on effective leadership
  • Knowing your own leadership style and traits
  • Knowing your players’ leadership styles and traits
  • Getting your players to lead

All individual athletes are different.  One of the challenges of coaching is trying to motivate every player on the team to play up to their potential.  Not everyone is motivated the same way, so coaches have to have awareness and team motivation techniques for a variety of personalities.  We will explore the topics:

  • Knowing your players’ motivation
  • Knowing your own motivation and motivational skills
  • Overview of the sport psychology skills and techniques
  • Strategies to improve team and player motivation

Sport Psychology Techniques for Training
Whether they know it or not, most coaches already use sport psychology techniques in their coaching.  This workshop will focus on adding new techniques and enhancing the ones you already use.  Some of the sport psychology skills are:

  • Goal setting
  • Team cohesion
  • Focus and concentration
  • Emotional control
  • Visualization