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What sport psychology services do we offer at SPINw?

Sport Psychology Institute Northwest, in Portland, OR, offers services in the field of sports psychology; we help athletes improve the quality and consistency in athletic performance through a variety of programs. 
From the individual athlete to coaches to the large athletic organization, we offer sport psychology services that aim to improve athletic performance through the principles of mental strength, mental fitness, and mental conditioning.

We teach:

  • How to focus on relevant tasks
, how to control your emotions during competition, and
 how to keep a positive mindset.
  • Team building, leadership, and communication.
  • How to create and strengthen organizational and team culture and identity.

We do not diagnose, treat, or provide psychological or psychology services, such as depression, eating disorders, or drug abuse.  However, we do have an extensive network of qualified psychologists, and will be happy to provide referrals as needed.

We specialize in working with:

Portland Sport Psychology Workshop