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Current and Former Athlete Sport Psychology Testimonials

Here are but a few of the testimonials from athletes and parents, who have successfully implemented Sport Psychology Institute Northwest consultants’ sport psychology techniques: visualization techniques, focusing techniques, and more!

“Johnny played in a basketball game with some players two years older than him yesterday and I told him not to be nervous and he said “I don’t get nervous anymore”.  If that’s true, then this is money well spent :)”
Lisa D., Sport Parent
“Brian, I appreciate the notes you sent me throughout the season. I also appreciate the talks that we had. They really helped me get back on track mentally and back to the competitor I used to be. I still look at the mission I wrote for myself with you and I still use the visualization before bed often; it really helps. I just wanted to say thank you because being able to meet with you played a big role in me having my best season as a senior. I didn’t meet all the goals that we set, but I met the ones that really mean something. I will definitely take what I’ve learned from our time together and apply it from here on.”
D.R., College Basketball Player
“I was really struggling. I was hitting the ball well, but not scoring. The mental work combined with practice has raised the level of my game. And, I enjoy the game more than I ever have.”
Scott Rath, 3-Time Oregon Professional Golfer of the Year
“Since 2005, Mark Henry and Brian Baxter from the Sport Psychology Institute Northwest worked with the Wilson players, “It’s made a difference. I’ts helped us focus, and help us deal with the pressure of the playoffs.”
Mike Clopton, Wilson High School Baseball Coach - 2006 + 2012 State Champions
“I would get so frustrated that it would linger with me days later. I didn’t know how to stay focused and it was interfering with my performance.” After a few sessions, she upped her level of play, improved her physical skills and is happier playing because she’s more comfortable on the court.”
Kim Quach, Adult Competitive Tennis Player
“The staff at SPINW has been invaluable in helping me develop mental skills that I use both on and off the golf course. My confidence level is stronger and I’m better able to maintain it.”
Anonymous, College Golfer
“Before I started working with Mark Henry, I was truly obsessive about basketball. I had trouble relaxing both on and off the court. When I went into a slump, I would become so tense that my game would get progressively worse.  Mark taught me to relax and not take life so seriously. I learned that getting tense only hurts my game. Mark also taught me how to use mental imagery – to visualize the ball going through the hoop so many times that I could instantly forget about any shot that I missed. Now, when I go into a slump, I can pull myself out of it very quickly. My overall game has improved, and I’m a much happier person.”
Anonymous, All-League High School and College Basketball Player
“Thanks for all that you have done for our daughter in these two sessions! She came out last night, with a feeling of peace, and it was so great to see…  She shares with us pretty openly about the sessions and she is very excited to tell us what she is learning:) During her basketball practice today, she used positive body language and was able to stand up for herself well, when some smaller conflicts arose, without making it so frustrating for herself. As parents, we were so grateful last night, when she was expressing her feeling of being empowered, and like she has some control and choices, to help her with the basketball season. We were at a tough spot after these last few weeks, and did not know what to do next…She is not only learning from you, but also having fun during the sessions, so you are doing a great job!!!”
Anonymous, Sport Parent
“Brian, I’ve got bragging rights to share!  Jane’s soccer team *won* the Gold Division Challenge State Cup tournament! Saturday’s semi-final game was very close.  Her team played the team that cut her two years ago.  Down1-0 in the 2nd half, Jane had a gorgeous shot that just missed.  5 minutes into stoppage time, Jane got a pass and flicked it to a forward.  The forward was able to get the ball through the other team’s defender’s legs and then found herself 1 on 1 with the goalie and she SCORED!!!  Tying the game.  They then played two 10 or 15 minute overtimes with the score remaining 1-1.  Then it was PKs.  Jane stepped up and drilled her PK!  It was soooooo nice to see her score on her old team.In Sunday’s championship game Jane’s team won 3-1!YEAH! Jane played the entire game both games.  After the win on Saturday, her smile was worth everything!  She was soooo happy! Thank you so much!”
Jane's Mom, Sport Parent
“Brian, I just wanted to say that you have done such an outstanding job with Sarah and she has come so far.  You have given her confidence in herself and the strength of character to stand up against diversity.  You have done everything you have advertised and so much more.  I am so proud of how well she is doing.  She is now able to talk to her coach without tearing up or being defensive.  She has let go of trying to make friends with girls who are not worthy of her friendship and building strong relationships with the girls that are nice.  She has gone thru a broken ankle and not been scathed by it.  She hasn’t come home crying in months.
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all that you do for our family and for making this entire experience worthwhile.  She has grown so much with your support.”
Sarah's Mom, Sport Parent


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