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Jimmy Yoo, MA Sport Psychology

Jimmy Yoo, MA Sport Psychology
Mental Performance Coach and Life Skills Consultant

Jimmy has been a consultant for the SPINw team since 2010. He specializes in peak performance, and works in highly competitive environments where focus, split-second decision-making, and confidence are keys factors for success.

Jimmy’s mission is to help clients successfully perform under pressure. To do this, he has created a performance model that allows people to maximize their potential and consistently perform at their best in competitive environments. He combines advanced scientific methods specific to the field of sport psychology along with his personal experiences as an athlete, coach, and mentor to provide an approach that is based on a peak performance mindset and developing mastery. The result is a performance plan that allows a person to train by fully engaging both mind, body, and spirit toward their personal best.

Jimmy provides services to a broad spectrum of clients that includes youth, high school, elite, and masters level athletes; coaches; referees; high school and college students; parents; business professionals; performing artists like dancers and actors; people competing in mind sports like chess, poker, and eSports; and people who may just feel stuck and are seeking guidance.   Sport psychology services include sport performance enhancement, stress management, recovery from injury, team cohesion, team motivation techniques, and career transition.

Jimmy recognizes that, like athletes, everyone is required to perform on a daily basis. We all navigate our own competitive environments and can benefit from peak performance training. Ultimately, Jimmy’s goal is to help people to successfully navigate challenges, achieve peak potential, and to find a balance in their lives that allow them to enjoy the moment.

Jimmy was a three-sport athlete in high school.  He earned varsity letters in football, wrestling, and lacrosse.  He also played Division III college lacrosse and received his undergraduate degree from Wittenberg University. He completed his Masters in Sport Psychology from San Diego University For Integrative Studies. It was here that he was able to study under Dr. Robert Nideffer, renowned psychologist and author of The Attentional and Interpersonal Style Inventory (TAIS), an assessment device used around the world for selection, screening, team building, and performance enhancement.

As a parent, volunteer, high school and travel team lacrosse coach, masters level lacrosse player, snowboarder, avid hiker, and fly fisherman, Jimmy applies his passion for sports, peak performance, and mindfulness to his personal life.