MICHAEL WILSON, MA 2017-08-21T14:18:00-07:00

Michael brings extensive experience consulting in high performance sports. As a Sport Psychology Consultant specializing in  adaptive thinking, behavior analysis, and team dynamics, he works in the fray where limits are pushed, stakes are high, decisions are irreversible, and failure menaces.

Honoring his client’s original passion, he has created a performance model that empowers clients to be who they feel they are called to be, on and off the field. Mike combines one of the most advanced sport psychology psychometrics with an evidence-based method in high performance. The result is a completely individualized performance program that allows each person to train at their best by fully engaging both their mind and brain.

While his focus is in elite athletics along the west coast, his passion for ultimate engagement in performance has expanded his work into other areas in and out of sport. His message, which highlights life skills and self-mastery, reaches everyone, as we are all faced with daily decisions to perform.

After winning the National Championship with his collegiate soccer team, Mike began to understand the relationship between psychology and physical performance. Being a seasoned international traveler since a young age, playing on professional soccer tours to Europe, Caribbean, and Asia, developed his unique ability to adapt quickly and thrive in new environments. While studying at one of the top applied sport psychology Master’s program in the U.S., he received unique training and qualifications specializing in performance enhancement. Mike is also already a member of the globally recognized Association of Applied Sport Psychology and APA Division 47.