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Brian interviewed on Fox Sports Radio

Brian Baxter was interviewed by Scott Lynn of Fox Sports Radio about his new book, The Sports Mindset Gameplan.The interviewer asked questions about the Portland Trailblazers after an unfortunate loss to the then-winless Washington Wizards.  The remainder of the interview is about the book.  It goes through the whole workbook chapter by chapter.

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Creating Culture within Teams – A look at Barcelona

During my trip to Barcelona, we've seen a lot of soccer - a lot. Every day we've been fortunate to see at least one game live: Champions League, Europa League, La Liga 1, La Liga 2, women's second division and U19. We've also seen matches on tv and even watch some BarcaTV in our hotel room, where they run news stories and show highlights from all the different teams. I have been here as part of a coaching education trip, but am also looking at it from a sport psychology standpoint. One of the topics that has come up in our discussions is culture. How an organization is run, how players are expected to train, compete and behave, how coaches run things. If you know soccer, you know FC Barcelona as one of the greatest soccer teams in history. For every athletic organization, whether it is a world-famous mega-organization like FCB, or a high school cross country team, culture plays a huge part in the performance. What is your organization and team culture? What kinds of things do you do to cultivate a more positive culture?

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SPINw’s Jimmy Yoo back for another year at Windell’s Academy

SPINw trainer Jimmy Yoo is back at Windell's Academy for a second year.  He is working with the snowboarders, skiers, and skaters at the Mt Hood, Oregon based Windell's Academy.  "One of the challenges early on was convincing these guys that they are athletes.  The culture of these sports is somewhat outside the mainstream, so introducing sport psychology was a bit foreign to them at first.  But they are starting to come around and see the benefits." Check out more about Jimmy's work here:

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SPINw class series location change

SPINw's Winter Sports Mental Game Training Class Series is underway! We have changed the location to our SPINw offices 833 SW 11th Ave, Suite 925 Portland, OR   97205 (7 blocks east of Jeld Wen Stadium; just behind the downtown library in the Medical Dental Building) There are still spaces available - please click here to register or get more information. Topics yet to come... How to control your emotions, the power of visualization, the keys to Positive thinking, and Pre-performance routines.

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New SPINw class series starts in November

Attention high school and collegiate Winter Sport athletes - when getting ready for your upcoming season, you are sure to get yourself in shape, and practice your skills.  But how's your confidence?  Could it be better?   How is your focus, dedication, and ability to overcome setbacks? This 6-week class will help you get off to a good start in tryouts, the pre-season, and into your sport season this winter, by working on your mental game.  Learn about focus, how to block distractions and overcome fear, and how to stay positive and control your emotions in any situation.  SPINw's Brian Baxter and Jimmy Yoo will be teaching these skills and more in a class series called  "Getting Mentally Prepared for the Winter 2012 Season." Sign up for classes individually, or sign up for the whole series at a discounted rate.  For more information, and to register, click here. For questions, please contact us at  or 1-866-300-1515

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Nick Saban’s “Process” a case study in the mental game

Alabama football coach Nick Saban and "The Process" When people think of Alabama football, the first thing to come to mind might be "tradition."  From the classic Crimson uniforms, to the legend of Bear Bryant, to the long line of SEC and national championships, Alabama football is something of a mainstay in college football.   But to stay on top, more progressive thinking is in order.  That's where Coach Nick Saban's "Process"  comes in. From the Sports Illustrated College Football Preview edition: "Instead of talking about wins and championships, Saban speaks about the Process. In its most basic form, the Process is Saban's term for concentrating on the steps to success rather than worrying about the end result. Instead of thinking about the scoreboard, think about dominating the man on the opposite side of the line of scrimmage. Instead of thinking about a conference title, think about finishing a ninth rep in the weight room. Instead of thinking about graduating, think about writing a great paper for Intro to Psych." This is straight from the sport psychology playbook.  Focusing on the present moment (executing the current play) instead of the past (an earlier mistake) or future (the result) is the essense of a mentally tough athlete.  When the "Process" is followed consistently, it gives the best chance to get the result you want. While Saban's coaching speaks for itself in titles, it is impressive to hear that he does not take all the credit: "Though it may come as a shock to many, Saban is more comfortable than most of his colleagues in admitting what he doesn't know. In his quest to train the whole player, he realizes he can't address the mental aspect of the [...]

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You Don’t Have to be Sick to Get Better

It seems that unfortunately many people still envision the field of Psychology as one involving embarrassed clients, 1960's Freudian offices, and processing personal issues. We at SPINw plan to change that misguided vision as we continue to work with healthy, mentally tough athletes simply looking for an extra competitive edge. Coach Jimbo Fisher, of Florida State University, contracted a mental conditioning coach and insisted,"We are going to put as big of an emphasis on metal conditioning as physical in our program because you don't have to be sick to get better".   Dr. McCann, of The United States Olympic Committee, described Team USA's approach to his sport psychology training as, "It's not so much that there's something going wrong. It's like part of what they do to get ready for the competitive season".   More locally, Portland State University explained the developing need for sport psychology training, "With the driving competitiveness of college sports, sport psychologists are becoming more common tools for coaches.  It's becoming more common among some of the more successful college programs". Don't make the mistake of thinking you have to be sick to get better. Get your mental game going with a SPINw consultant today! (Check out Florida State University's article here)

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Secrets from the six sport psychologists on the USA Olympic staff

"IT'S NOT SO MUCH THAT THERE'S SOMETHING GOING WRONG. IT'S LIKE PART OF WHAT THEY [THE NATION'S TOP OLYMPIC ATHLETES] DO TO GET READY FOR THE COMPETITION SEASON." “ Sean McCann, Ph.D. (Full time sport psychologist hired by the Unites States Olympic Committee) Secrets from the six sport psychologists on the USA Olympic staff: Q: How do Olympic archery shooters prepare for the distraction of a boisterous crowd? A: Dr. McCann urges them to listen to iPod files of crowd noise during workouts. Q: How do Olympic runners recognize their pre-competition anxiety levels? A: Dr. Bauman offers them a useful analogy. Car tachometers measure an engine's revolutions per minute (RPMs) by illustrating idling, cruising, and redlining levels. Bauman explains how the tachometers provide a visual lesson in inefficiency, wasted energy, and the need to cruise rather than redline. Want more secrets? You can find them in Rebecca Clay's excellent article, Gold-medal psychology: Sport psychologists are helping elite athletes prepare for the 2012 London Olympic games. Interested in working with Elliott or one of our SPINw consultants?  Email info@spinw or call 1-888-885-5570

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SPINw teams up with BaxterSports Summer Camps

SPINw will be providing mental game training for these great summer camps for kids aged 5-13. In addition to sport psychology, the camps will also feature a sports nutritionist.  They are sure to be tons of fun!  Go to for more information.

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The Sports Mindset Gameplan

Brian Baxter’s new book “The Sports Mindset GamePlan” available now!SPINw Director Brian Baxter has just finished his new sport psychology workbook, The Sports Mindset Gameplan - an athlete’s guide to building and maintaining confidence.The workbook is designed for athletes to personalize the experience as they learn about sport psychology techniques and the mental game.  Each chapter contains specific mental skills and asks athletes to assess their own strengths and weaknesses in that area, and gives ideas on how to incorporate them.  Each chapter ends with real life case study of an athlete who had success implementing that skill into their game.Coaches, teachers, athletic directors - if you are interested in getting this workbook for your players, students, or coaches, contact SPINw about group discounts of up to 60%.   1-866-300-1515  or

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