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Brian Baxter interviewed on Eugene radio station

SPINw consultant Brian Baxter was interviewed by news radio KUGN in Eugene regarding the dismissal of Jeremiah Masoli from U of O.Click here to listenAbout the Author: Brian Baxter received an M.A. in Sports Psychology.  He teaches individuals how to identify and build awareness of their difficulties, their areas of improvement and their strengths and implements strategies to make the process second nature.

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Exploring the Mindset of a Distance Runner

Quite often people tell me I’m crazy. This usually occurs after I mention how early I dragged myself out of bed on a Saturday morning, even in the rain, to log 16-20+ mile runs. Sometime the “you’re crazy” is accompanied by a beyond shocked facial expression. This usually occurs after I say something like “I just did an easy 14.” Finally I’ll get the more constructive question of “How do you do that?” Plain and simply I will respond “It’s fun and because I can!”I was never a natural runner, and there were periods in my life where I truly disliked the thought of running unless it was part of another sporting endeavor. Three years ago my addiction to running began as it became one of my few sport options due to shoulder injury. It took a lot of self-talk in the beginning. At the time, my motivational self-talk revolved around my fear that my wedding dress was being stored over 2000 miles away until the big day. Talking to other brides I heard that running was the key. Call it superficial, but whatever your motivation is to get moving EMBRACE IT!After a few weeks, I decided to race my first 5k. As I crossed the finish-line my motivating factors changed. I loved the adrenaline rush and the feeling of freedom. I loved how my performance was dependent upon my effort and my only true opponent was myself. Eventually I decided to take on the marathon. Again, I relied heavily on self-talk. The longer you run, the more time you have to think. Thinking can be your best friend or your worst enemy! With each long run I strive to fine-tune my inner dialogue. I’ve learned [...]

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