The Olympics – Four years of training for one moment!

//The Olympics – Four years of training for one moment!

The Olympics – Four years of training for one moment!

In my mind, the most amazing element of the Olympic games is this one.  The best of the best athletes in the world come together to compete to be Olympic champions.  For some sports, like basketball and soccer, there is a tournament, so athletes get to compete over the course of a couple days or weeks.  But for others, like track and field, triathalon, and boxing, there may only one chance to compete – one mistake and you’re done.

Imagine the pressure!

At SPINw, we’ve worked with athletes in many of the Olympic sports:

  • basketball
  • volleyball
  • cycling
  • equestrian
  • fencing
  • soccer
  • swimming
  • tennis
  • track and field
  • triathalon
  • wrestling

Althought these sports have entirely different skills sets, training regimens, body types, etc., the mental components are the same!  We help athletes deal with this type pressure every day.  Through focusing exercises, breathing techinques, and visualization, among others, we teach athletes the mental skills they need to succeed.

As you watch the games this summer, remember to take a few moments to think about the mental part of this competition, and how it compares to you and your sport.

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