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Sport Psychology Institute Northwest – Portland, OR

Sport Psychology Portland Oregon team

Sport Psychology Institute Northwest is the premier provider of Sport Psychology Services and Mental Game Training for competitive athletes and coaches in Portland and the northwest. For over a decade Sport Psychology Institute Northwest consultants have successfully worked with athletes, teams, parents and coaches to improve performance through confidence, consistency, and control.

All of our consultants have played collegiate athletics, have coached elite level club and high school teams, and have children who play sports.  This combined experience, along with dedicated sport psychology training, gives us a well-rounded insight on working with athletes and teams.

The field of sport psychology is growing fast, as people involved in sports discover more and more that the key to peak performance, and what separates good athletes from great ones, is the mental game.

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  • Sport is defined as an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess, often in a competitive nature.
  • Psychology is defined as the science of the mind, mental states, processes, and human behavior.
  • So, Sport psychology is the mental and behavioral side of athletics, basically how an athlete feels and thinks has a great impact on performance.  Working with a sport psychology consultant can increase confidence, focus, handling pressure, and more.

We do not diagnose, treat, or provide psychological or psychology services, such as depression, eating disorders, or drug abuse. However, we do have an extensive network of qualified psychologists and will be happy to provide referrals. 

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Why do people contact a sport psychology professional?

Sport psychology is a way to help athletes improve performance through a strong mental game. We help athletes and coaches find solutions to questions like:

  • How do I regain my confidence?
  • What are some team motivation techniques I can use to get my team playing better?
  • How do I handle nerves before a big competition?
  • Why do I perform well in practice, but not in games?
  • How do I get out of this slump?

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The Mental Game is Confidence.

From time to time, athletes at every level struggle with their performance. If they need to get stronger or faster, they usually seek out a strength and conditioning coach, who can teach them the physical techinques to improve. If they are struggling with a specific skill, they work with a coach who can teach them to perfect that technique.  If the struggle is with confidence, focus, motivation, consistency or being positive, then working with one of our mental game coaches who can teach you the sport psychology techniques is the right step. We’re glad you’ve come to It shows you are ready to improve.

Who works with a sports psychology professional?

SPINw consultants work with athletes, teams, coaches, parents, referees and groups.  We have worked with team sports and individual sports – from horseback riding to motocross, from baseball to MMA, from soccer to tennis;  from professional to collegiate, high school to youth, competitive to recreational, we’ve worked with them all!  Basically – anyone who wants to improve and get more out of their athletic experience.

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